Happy Casas Products

specializes in the following product categories:

  • Seasonal Products
    • Christmas
    • Valentine
    • Mother / Father Day
    • Easter
    • Major Sport Events 
  • Home Deco Products
    • Wood Deco
    • Ratan Deco
  • Home Textile Products
    • Bath
    • Bed
    • Basics

Product Design

The success of Happy Casas product collections lies in our ability to spot and adapt to rapidly changing trends in fashion, designing new items constantly to satisfy customers' cravings. Happy Casas adapts to changes occurring within each season, reacting swiftly to deliver newest trend products to our retail customers in the shortest time possible.


Some Reference Customers:

  • ALDI Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Spain, Poland, PortugaI
  • Bauhaus
  • Metro

Teak Wood Decoration WS/SS 2016/2017

high quality teak wood decoration products for beautiful natural homes


Christmas Collection 2017/2018

The newest products for a merry christmas time. 


Bed-Bath-Basic WS/SS 2016/2017

new campaign look books and products


Beach WS/SS 2016/2017

hottest beach life fashion trends from St. Barth & Ibiza